Eminent Empire Nigeria Limited is involved in land acquisition and property development in Nigeria.

We take pride in assisting clients to purchase land in transactions devoid of any form of fraudulent activities.

We assist clients to erect these structures without any hassle, at the lowest possible rates.

We are best described as a one-stop shop for home ownership. Because we help you purchase the land and help you through documentations and approval of drawing plans with the Government; We will help you erect the structures at competitive rates using the step by step approach. You choose your fittings for the finishing and we help with management of your property, if you are interested. All these in a GATED COMMUNITY with adequate security and uninterrupted electricity supply.

Why do you have to stay in the HOTEL or bunk with friend when you travel to Nigeria ?

Do You Know You could build your home within few months or years ? These days, its hard to come by trusted family members or friends. Your money is guaranteed every step of the way when you do business with  us.


Why do you have to travel to Nigeria with a lot of cash ?

Do You Know You could have a decent Four Flat Building and rent out three flats while one Flat is kept for you?

Then, you could travel to Nigeria without being loaded with dollars because NAIRA is waiting for you at HOME in your account !!!

That's why I was able to travel to Nigeria without a dime in my pocket but enjoyed my three week vacation in Nigeria without running out of CASH !!!

Rome wasn't built in a day ... Start Now .... Buy a Plot .... We sell and develop one site AT A TIME !!!

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